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Gardening Tips

Your monthly gardening tips for indoors and outdoors

September is a month which gardeners regard with mixed feelings.  In some ways it is the most rewarding month of the year, a time of harvest, with plenty of vegetables still to be gathered fresh and others safely in store and with ripening fruit to be picked.  On the other hand the summer display is coming to an end and the days are noticeably shorter: by the end of the month the hours of darkness will exceed those of daylight.  A well-planned garden will include those plants that extend the flowering season by coming into flower, as the days grow shorter, such as chrysanthemums and Michaelmas daisies, available nowadays in a wide range of forms and colours.  To add variety and interest, ornamental berries are now making their appearance, many rivalling the flowers in their brilliance.  The last part of the month often brings strong winds, giving a foretaste of autumn gales.  It is wise not to wait for the the winds to start but to go round in advance and make sure that all ties and stakes are secure.   Ornamental Kale, raised from a spring sowing in the open ground makes a colourful display in the autumn garden.  The frilled leaves, in many different shades and combinations of colour, may be used in floral arrangements in the home to create unusual and striking effects.


BREAK Charity hosted a sponsored Firewalk at the Police Gala Day in Norwich at the beginning of the month, and of the 23 participants, one was seventeen year old Matt Blake from Sheringham.

Matt, who goes to Paston College in North Walsham and works part time at Bertram Watts in Sheringham, had thought about taking a walk over hot coals since the previous year when BREAK appealed for participants, but was glad to have waited until this year as it gave him more time to raise the magnificent sum of 350 for the charity.

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"I felt nervous when I woke up on Sunday, but the hour and a half of training prior to the Firewalk was a real confidence booster, and it got us all in the right frame of mind to do the walk." said Matt. 

Matt was one of 23 walkers on the day and had to wait his turn.  While he waited, he said he could feel the heat from the walk, and see the nervous looks on the faces of the others.  "You have to really trust the instructions you've been given and make sure you walk at the right speed.  And having done the Firewalk, you believe you are capable of anything!  I would recommend it to anyone and would jump at the chance to do it all over again."  Matt was in good company as Helen McDermott was one of BREAK's Firewalkers at the Police Gala Day too.

Early next year there will be more opportunities for potential Firewalkers as there will be an event hosted at the North Norfolk District Council Offices in Cromer.
If you are interested in doing a sponsored Firewalk or would like to help BREAK in any other way, please contact Liz Holman on 01263 820710 or by email


Embarrassing Stories

Sheringham Community Paper

I have a habit of leaving my trolley at the end of the aisles while collecting my shopping but this caused me great embarrassment one day when at the checkout.  I couldn't remember buying star fruit and dog food when the penny finally dropped - I'd taken someone else's shopping!

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The latest in a series of organ shows at Briston was on Friday September 1st, and saw a big crowd thrilling to the playing skill of top UK organist Phil Brown and his 28,000 Bohm digital organ.  There were many new faces in the audience and it seems they just cannot get enough of this exciting live music!

The next show is on Friday October 27th, again at the Copeman Centre, Briston, when David Thomas will be appearing with his own very popular brand of music at the organ.   Tickets are already selling well, and of course, proceeds from the sale of refreshments and the raffle will again directly benefit the Copeman Centre Funds.

Comfortable seating, good acoustics, and the easyiest of parking, plus excellent disabled access - and two hours of superb music, of course (!) all make for a great night out.   For further details on this and future shows, 'phone Carol on 01263 860844.

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