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Sheringham Community PaperHello, good morrow and welcome to this, another edition of piffle.  No, no, not really, only it's the theme I am dedicating this month's column to.  To kick off I would firstly like to dedicate this article to the JOB'S WORTH/S in the planning department who aired their doubts about the validity of the initial positioning of the circus' tent and entourage who set up shop in Cookies field at Beeston, just off the main Cromer coast road.  Finding that, in their wisdom, that the nice circus folk indeed did not have the said proper permission and requested nay, demanded, that this enormous structure be dismantled and moved to a more suitable location.  Ok.  One might think if that's the case, so be it.   Knowing full well these days how people feel about the natural beauty of the countryside and take the issue very seriously.  So one would imagine that the very powers that be, you would think, would choose a lovely secluded spot for the move wouldn't you?  Perhaps a move to the next village or town or maybe out of sight behind a wooded copse or something?  Oh no.  No no, no, in fact we find these "white collar androidesques' have decided that they (the circus folk) must move the darn thing 10 yards to the right in the same field!  My goodness things in that department really must be slow if that's all they can come up with and have to contend with.  I guess if that's all they had to worry about perhaps it's about time that department was abolished.  Or three little words spring to mind; resign, resign, resign.  Isn't it amazing though that they can find the clout to pick on a small independent firm and get action almost overnight yet it takes decades to finalise the details over a grocers store!   And, on saying that it puts into perspective the question above as to whether or not a farmer's allowed to have a massive erection in any part of his smallholding!   Yes it's madness at the highest level.  Oh, and as a foot note to this whole debacle.  I hope to goodness, as I understand it, that the circus was not charged the customary five hundred quid re-location licence fee for the privilege.  Mind you clever as the pigmy goats and performing zebras may have been it was never going to be enough to stop the local council clowning around!   On that note it is time to move on to the next big joke or maybe it's a riddle.  When is a car park not a car park?  That is the question. The obvious answer, as it turns out, is when the 'ONE' railway car park is turned into Sheringham's answer to the Chelsea flower show!  Yes we now know what exactly those troughs were going to be used for.  And the folk from BONKERS LAND have not disappointed.  Yes, as the travelling folk encounter Sheringham expecting their friends to be waiting in the selected parking area.  They are now rudely enlightened by the fact that their friends, along with a thousand taxi drivers and the customary coach, all have to share the same postage stamp size of land with a collection of floral blooms from the Alan Titchmarsh school of tom foolery.  Pretty though it is, me thinks it's all a ploy to block the rail link across the road before its even gotten off the ground.  Now then, as sure as eggs is eggs.  The moment that the little darlings go back to school the weather gets warm and nice again, and this year's performance was no exception.  What with August bank holiday cold and wet like the rest of the summer holidays it was all a bit of a wash out but it did not put off the serious 'holidayer' in his cream shorts taking to the streets in abundance.  Perhaps they all heard about our new pavements?  Wonder what they'll think now when we tell them, sorry folks but they've spent all the cash on the one side as for the other?   Well we'll just have to imagine what it'll look like.  I don't know, Cromer gets millions spent on new streets, pier facilities, promenades, cliff lifts and museums to mention but a few.  And what do we get?  Yep that's right half a pavement, a few floral concrete coffins and a prom full of poo!  Talk about being the poor relative and then they wanted us to have a traveller's site as well.  Just about sums up what that group of officials think about us doesn't it?  Is it any wonder then that many shops and business in town are on the move?  Though not moving out of town which is a blessing.  It has come to mine ears that Sheringham Windows will become Keys and that Keys will become a shoe shop, etc etc.  Plus a few more moves are on the cards.  But no one as yet has dared to suggest Tesco's local!  Oh well, as our tourist summer season draws to a close the autumnone begins and with it an influx of new, yet decidedly maturer faces. Indeed, these days one is hard pressed to find a time in town when there aren't visitors of some sort or other pervading in their pertinacity in purchasing our local fare.  Thank goodness for that.  So I suppose it is pertinent for me to thank those patrons of the summer for all their support and hard earned cash.  And likewise as those folk leave so will our summer rep who this year have entertained us with yet again laughter and tears and plenty of good nights out.   All is not lost, as the other talented amateur groups will; I have no doubt be entertaining us during the interregnum.  Well its that time again when I have to stop twittering on and begin to sign off.  So to finish, as Nick Ross would say don't have nightmares.  Till next time take care now Vic.

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On Pavilion Theatre, Cromer Pier
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01263 512495
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