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Francis and Eileen Bullock (nee Healy) were married in St Joseph's Catholic Church Sheringham on the 20th September 1946 and this week they celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary with a family gathering at their home in Sheringham.   Their children, Teresa, John, Andrew, Edward and Jane along with most of the extended family were there to mark this very special occasion.  The couple were presented with a Papal Blessing from the Vatican and they received a congratulatory message from the Queen.  As a practical gift their children have re-furbished their bathroom with a walk in bath.

Francis was born in 1915 and moved to Sheringham when he was 5yrs of age He began his working life at Sheringham Hall. During the Second World War Francis joined the Royal Army Service Corps.  He was mentioned in Despatches for distinguished service and was entitled to wear the oak leaf emblem in recognition of gallant and distinguished service.

Eileen was born in Devonport in 1920 and moved to Sheringham in 1939 when her Mother died.   Her family had decided that she should live with relatives in Sheringham.   During the war Eileen went to work in the Castle Bromwich factory in Birmingham assembling Spitfires and Lancaster Aircraft.

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Many Sheringham people will remember Francis (Frank!) from his time as General Manager responsible for the Cromer and Norfolk Road sites of Sheringham Garage (1958 to 1976).   Eileen worked at the International Stores until 1976, when they both retired.

The only time Francis and Eileen have spent apart is when one or other was in hospital.   They have enjoyed many good times and coped in times of adversity by providing each other with mutual support and encouragement and as such have always been the best of friends.  They have visited all of their children and helped shape their houses into homes and now they are supposed to be having some well-deserved rest.  However if you ever pop in to see them you will probably find Eileen has gone down the town for a bit of shopping (at least a two mile walk) and Francis will be in the garden or doing a bit of DIY!

Now Francis aged 91 and Eileen, 86, as well as their five children, have eight grandchildren, Angela, Nicola, Claire-Louise, James, Lorraine, Robert, Michelle and Thomas and one great grand-daughter, Abbi.  All have spread their wings, some have visited or lived on five different continents.  One son lives in Sheringham, the rest the family come back regularly.  They are all immensely proud of their quiet and unassuming parents/grandparents.


The 17th, being the third Thursday of the month of August, 40 kelling probus members and two guests namely Colin Dean and Malcolm Bell, met at the pheasant hotel kelling for their monthly luncheon, followed by a talk.  Member Alex Alexander was welcomed back to the meeting by Mr ken Richards, our chairman and all attendees, as he had been poorly for some six months, Alex was looking very sprightly.

Our "Lady in Red" was Judy Reeves, formally a nurse with the Holt practice, but then concentrated on stress management and counselling and more recently has switched to be involved with magnotherapy.

Members knew little about this subject, but the wearing of these powerful neo dinium magnets, which lose about 1% of their strength over 100 years, greatly improved energy levels reduce pain and have many other benefits for dogs, horses and human beings.

During Judy's talk three members with back and knee pain wore the magnets and 30 minutes later at the conclusion of her talk all three volunteers commented on heat being generated and they felt painrelief.  As expected the Chinese have used this magnet treatment for over 100 years but with cumbersome rock stones.  The Rushans used magnotherapy after the First World War to reduce pain for wounded soldiers.  The magnets cause pulsing which greatly increases the ability for the blood to absorb more oxygen.   This helps reduce inflammation and is very effective for the treatment of arthritis, back pains, blood pressure, poor circulation etc., about six members commented very favourably on the successful wearing of these magnets and it appeared that animals benefited the most.

Member, Michael Rayner our lyricist, gave an amusing vote of thanks in rhyme and thanking Judy for an interesting and very informative presentation.  Members will try these magnets because they work for most people but cannot do any harm unless in extreme circumstances it's your pacemaker, watch or credit card that could suffer.

New member Eric Marshall who had spent 35 years in the RAF and time as an MOD engineer and latterly a health and safety officer introduced himself and looked forward to getting to know his new colleagues.  Our next meeting is at the same venue on Thursday 21st September when Arthur Barrett returns to talk about Gilbert and Sullivan.  Give John Jennings a ring to find out more about joining our club on 01263 740716.

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